Move Well, Avoid Injury
What Everyone Needs to Know About the Body
cover The Move Well, Avoid Injury DVD contains 50 information rich sections (2 hours) that will be of great benefit to anyone who uses a computer, exercises, plays an instrument, dances or breathes. With this information you will learn how to avoid common yet unnecessary injuries and also how to move with freedom and ease.

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Samples:  Elbows | Lungs | Lower Back | Forearms | Hands | Arms | Balance
When the structure and function of the elbow is properly understood and your use is corrected then the strain and pain associated with injuries like "tennis" elbow can be eliminated.
This brief introduction to the mechanism of breathing clears up a very common misconception about the location of the lungs.
Lower Back
Much lower back pain can be eliminated if the weight of your torso is delivered through the weight bearing portions of your spine and pelvis.
By understanding and respecting how your forearms function you can avoid injuries common with repetitive motions like typing on a computer and playing a musical instrument.
Understanding the structure of the hand promotes freedom, ease and flexibility in the hand and helps avoid misuse leading to injury.
Fluid, injury-free movement of the arms is only possible if the arms are properly balanced on the torso.
If we allow our skeletal structure to bear our weight then our muscles are free to move us with freedom and ease.
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